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We are currently booking about a year and a half out. Occasionally we have space for last minute events, so don't hesitate to inquire! If we're unavailable we can connect you to some other amazing local designers who may be a great fit.

How far out should we book our florist?!

Great question! We typically do a little back and forth via email or phone. I custom a design proposal for you and work closely with your wedding planner. After a little tweaking and adjustments it's time to lock in the date! We send over our event contract, request a retainer, continue to work with you as your wedding day approaches, and we don't request final payment until 1 month out! 

What's the process to book you?

Such a thoughtful question! We love working with all kinds of folks. Typically I'd say our favorite kind of client or couple to work with...gives us some creative freedom. We are the artists! We love to take your creative vision and provide you with a design concept that reaches beyond what you even imagined! Whether this is stretching your color palette, flower selection, or centerpiece ideas...we are here for it. 

What's your favorite kind of client?

So glad you asked! We're located in Denver...growing season is brief around here. This means we try to source AS MANY Colorado flowers as we can when they are available. We have relationships with local farmers and our trusted wholesalers. With sustainability in mind, American grown flowers are a high priority for us! In the event you're looking for peonies in December, we would be inclined to guide you in another direction. You know what, there are quite a few alternatives...just ask us! Oh, also...we try to get some home grown flowers from our precious garden in each wedding we design. It's really special to us!

How do you source your flowers?

No! Definitely not. Most frequently our clients book with us only having an ideal budget in mind and some key components lined up. For example: you know you need 10 tables, an installation, something hanging over the dance floor, and also a flower collar for your cute pup. After we reserve your wedding date you can rest assured that date wont get scooped up by someone else. Then we can work closely with you and your planner to get your unique design concepts exactly where we want them to be. 

Do we have to have every detail sorted out before booking?

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